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Welcome to First Vapor Electronic Cigarettes!

We have made the difficult decision to close First Vapor after several years of service. Please head over to the blog to read about this update.



At one time, you could smoke a cigarette almost anyplace, including: hospitals, offices, bars, restaurants, just about everywhere! Over time, people have learned of the harmful effects that tobacco has on our bodies and those around us. Society began looking down on cigarette smoking and treating those that smoke like outcasts...until now.

The First Vapor Electronic Cigarette gives you back the freedom to "smoke". No longer are you bound to the over 3000 harmful ingredients that normal  tobacco smoke contains. You don't have to just accept what the big tobacco companies want you to smoke.  Second hand smoke concerns are now a thing of the past when you use the First Vapor E-Cigarette. The nasty smell of cigarette smoke is no longer something  you and everyone around you have to put up with. You can purge yourself of the thousands of chemicals that are in a tobacco cigarette.

Many states have already enacted a smoking ban that indicates where you can and cannot smoke. Several more are proposing and likely to pass similar laws. However, these laws typically define smoking as "burning of tobacco or tobacco substances". The First Vapor e-cigarette does not fall into this category, as there is no burning and no tobacco. Very often you can use your First Vapor Electronic Cigarette in places where cigarette smoking is banned.

The categories on the top show our current product offerings. If you have any questions, check out the frequently asked questions, or contact us.


New Products

  1. Quick view Rice Krispy Treat E-Liquid

    Rice Krispy Treat E-Liquid

    Regular Price: $7.45

    Special Price: $1.75

  2. Quick view Lemon-Blueberry Cotton Candy E-Liquid

    Lemon-Blueberry Cotton Candy E-Liquid

    Regular Price: $7.45

    Special Price: $1.75

  3. Quick view 5 Flavor E-Liquid Sampler Pack

    5 Flavor E-Liquid Sampler Pack

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price: $12.50

  4. Quick view English Toffee E-Liquid

    English Toffee E-Liquid

    Regular Price: $7.45

    Special Price: $1.75

  1. Quick view Watermelon E-Liquid

    Watermelon E-Liquid

    Regular Price: $7.45

    Special Price: $1.75

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