Probably the most asked question I get is this: What do I need to get to started with an electronic cigarette? The answer, of course-just like most life questions, is: it depends.

You have 3 major kit choices (and a few minor ones after that, such as color): The vGo electronic cigarette, the 510L electronic cigarette, and the 510 Passthrough electronic cigarette.

I won't rehash the benefits of each, as that information is available on each product page. But just a quick summary: the vGo gives long battery run times, the 510L is a shorter battery life but more closely mimics a real cigarette, and the 510 Passthrough doesn't use a battery, but instead uses a cord which you plug into a USB port.

Each kit comes with some starter cartridges, 3 for the 510 series, and 5 for the vGo. These are refillable with e-liquid.

Each kit also includes one atomizer. This will eventually wear out, but should last you a couple weeks at least (I have some that have died in 3 weeks and some that are almost a year old-it totally depends on how it's used and cared for).

So, to answer the original question I posed: What do I need to get started with an electronic cigarette? Here is my recommendation:

Obviously you will need a starter kit. You can buy the individual components separately, but it is more cost effective to purchase the kit.

You should pick up some e-liquid to refill your cartridges.

I recommend a spare atomizer. The last thing you want is for the included one to go out and to not have an extra. Atomizers are like a lighter, and do eventually wear out.

For someone just getting started, that is the basic necessities. As you get used to and more familiar with vaping, you'll probably want to try out some additional flavors, maybe get a spare charger or other accessory. But for someone who is new, that isn't necessary.

I hope this helps to explain it. Please leave a comment if you need further information or clarification.