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The vGo is the best vapor e-cigarette on the market. Designed for hours of continuous vaping, the First Vapor vGo Electronic Cigarette, with it's powerful 900mA battery will not disappoint you. It produces tons of vapor, massive throat hit, and is easy to use. Now available in black, white, red, blue, pink, and purple, the vGo is the creme of the crop for electronic cigarettes.

First Vapor Electronic Cigarettes: vGo Pink Electronic Cigarette

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  • First Vapor Electronic Cigarettes: vGo Pink Electronic Cigarette

The vGo is currently the best, most elegant vapor e cigarette on the market. Designed for hours of continuous use, the vGo e-cigarette, with it's powerful 900mA battery will not disappoint you with tons of vapor, massive throat hit, and ease of use. Many people report 6-8 hours of continuous vaping on a full charge using the vGo e-cig! Now available in black, white, red, blue, pink, and purple, the vGo is the best electronic cigarette available today.

The vGo e-cigarette uses the exact same cartridge as our popular 510L electronic cigarette, so you can easily switch between the vGo: for extra long battery life, and the 510L: for compact convenience. You will not find a better combination of reliability, power, and satisfaction than the First Vapor vGo Electronic Cigarette.

Important: Use only the First Vapor charger to recharge your vGo battery.  Other chargers will damage the battery!

With your vGo order, you will receive:

(2) Rechargeable vGo 900 mA Batteries

As the power source for your electronic cigarette, these 900mA batteries will keep you vaping for hours at a time. The vGo battery is equipped with a diamond colored power button that illuminates blue when pressed, offering the user full control over the battery. The battery on the electronic cigarette is at the bottom of the e-cig assembly.

(1) vGo Electronic Cigarette Atomizer

The vGo ecig atomizer is the "heating element" of the electronic cigarette. When activated (by depressing the button on the battery) the e-cigarette atomizer vaporizes the e-liquid contained in the cartridge so that it can be inhaled. The atomizer sits in the middle of the e-cig assembly, between the cartridge and the battery. Atomizers are considered a consumable item, much like a lighter would be when thinking about a tobacco cigarette. Although many people get several months use from each, their lifespan is considered limited and is dependent on how you use the atomizer. While some people prefer a light and/or short draw, others may like a heavier and/or longer draw. Because of the different variables involved, we only warranty atomizers against failure for a period of 7 days. This is one reason we also encourage people to purchase spare atomizers when purchasing your electronic cigarette.

(1) vGo Cone

The cone slides over the atomizer to give the vGo a smooth, sleek look when fully assembled. The atomizer cone is the same color as the battery that you select.

(5) E-Cigarette Cartridges (high nicotine level)

The cartridge is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains the nicotine liquid. The cartridge sits at the top of the e-cigarette assembly. When the cartridge is empty (you can tell by the reduced amount of vapor being produced), you can easily refill it with our e-Liquid, which is available at various strengths and flavors or you can simply insert a new cartridge. Spare cartridges can be found by clicking here.

(1) Wall charger

Plugs into a standard 110 volt wall receptacle. The USB charging adapter plugs into this when charging the vGo battery on normal 110 volt power.

(1) USB charging adapter

Used for recharging your vGo battery.  One end of the adapter threads into the vGo battery, the other end into any powered USB source, such as the included wall charger, your computer USB port, or our USB car charger.

(1) Leather Carrying Bag

Keep your vGo electronic cigarette looking like new by storing it in this padded leather pouch when not in use.

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  1. This is the best! Review by Jon

    I had the BLU brand before and was not happy with it. A friend told me about Vgo, and that you get a much better "hit" from it. It arrived yesterday, and I'm sold on it. (Posted on 2/23/11)

  2. Definitely satisfied, forget cigarettes Review by John

    First time buyer here, after looking hard at a lot of e-cigs for days, I placed my order at 2AM Wednesday morning, got it in my regular mail Friday. I wanted something that looked nice and not tacky and specifically, "vaped" nice. Still getting comfortable with that term but this little sucker took absolutely no time to love. Here's my few things about it:

    ~ The description says "massive throat hit." They're not kidding, the density is wonderful! A friend of mine was curious to try and he was so surprised, he coughed. To my delight, I can french inhale, blow smoke rings, and I am not cheated on the exhale either.

    ~ On the subject of nicotine, for you smokers out there considering this as a smoking alternative, this gives you a SOLID fix. I was having so much fun playing with the 'smoke' I lost track of the time and got myself a bit dizzy.

    ~ I will tell you right now, it is not the same as cigarette smoke. It does not taste as nasty as one, there is no salty sticky gunk taste in my mouth after I have this, in fact it is a very sweet taste to the 'smoke.'

    ~ Menthol is not the regular Eucalyptus type of menthol typically found in cigarettes, it is the peppermint mint, and you should know this if you are expecting your regular menthol. If you are a smoker, it is the difference between a pack of Marb Menthols and Smooths and it is a big difference. However, it is extremely pleasant, very flavorful, and I ended up liking it.

    I have smoked cigarettes for ten years. Tried chewing tobacco, gum, quitting cold turkey, still wanted a cigarette. At least with this, I have all of the behaviors and satisfaction of a cigarette, I get my nicotine fix, and I DO NOT WANT MY CIGARETTES. I intend to wean myself off of the nicotine slowly and I can do it literally one drop at a time. For once, I'm in full control, no fits. I like it. (Posted on 1/14/11)

  3. Get it! Review by Mathew

    Prior to this, I was vaping exclusively on Volcano's 510 Magma, and enjoyed it immensity.

    After filling a cart with one of my go to flavors and a drip or two of VG for vape plummage factor, I inserted it on the atty, and put the cone on. The cone difuses the air holes on the side of the atty, making for a smoother (and less airy - and this easier) draw. This made a huge difference between my Magma and my vGo in the way of taste. I previously made the decision to forgo some of the strength of taste for a better vapor factor, and had gotten used to the diluted taste. Not so with the vGo!! I had suddenly intense flavor back like when I started, and my vaping clouds were noticeably larger. It took some playing with to switch from an auto battery to a manual but I had adjusted in a couple of hours with no issues at all.

    Here are my notes after my first few days:

    - Wasn't initially happy that my LED was gone from the tip, and placed on the switch, but like it now, as it allows me to be a touch more discrete when I need to be.

    - Doesn't look like a cigarette, and doesn't "smoke" like one (holding-wise) but has proven to be much more of a conversation starter as there is no confusion that this is an analog.

    - Weight wise, it is a heavier (due to the battery), but after using it for the first day or so, hardly noticeable in the slightest.

    - Much more hardier - I can put it in my pocket fully assembled with no issues or concerns at all.

    - Thought the cone would prove to be annoying as it's now turned my eCig from a 3 piece to a 4 piece, not at all. I forget that it's on, and it does add to the aesthetics of the vGo in a positive fashion, and modifies the draw adding noticeably to the taste!

    - The Magma batteries were lasting me a couple of hours of constant usage, and I didn't want to be stuck having to charge it. No worries there, I vaped (and vaped and vaped) for a day and a half on the initial charge!! It took 3 hours to fully charge for usage again.

    Overall notes - Though I found that I was using a bit more juice than "normal" (about 125% of what I was using with my Magma), what an incredible difference between the standard 510's (even my Magma and I love that little guy). I would highly recommend to anyone who is a 510 vaper. Even if you're satisfied with it, you will be blown away by the vGo I promise you! (Posted on 11/18/10)

  4. Overall, this is a nice product, good value and most importantly, customer service at FirstVapor has been top notch. Review by Nick

    I got a special kit from FirstVapor which was awesome enough. This vGo model is a bit classier than the original, no goofy giant led at the base. The crystal look button with backlit led in blue is very nice, works well and looks like it belongs with your best cufflinks. The finish is a nice glossy laquer look with the trademark vGo swirl design in a subdued inlay. Not "in your face", it's subtle lines give you an elegant PV tht doesn't show off more than it has to.

    It seems to last forever, especially for a mod like this. Charges fast with the included charger and is only slightly taller than an eGO/Riva (about a half an inch taller)with no change in diameter. The matching atomizer looks too good to hide under a cone! As with most kits, the included cartridges leave a lot to be desired if you're a dripper or a cartomizer user, but they're pretty much just addons so clean them out and use them as drip tips or give them to your newbie friends. Overall, this is a nice product, good value and most importantly, customer service at FirstVapor has been top notch. (Posted on 9/15/10)

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